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Since 2000, Machinima has been the premier provider of content for gamer entertainment and culture. This always-on gamer-focused content network is much more than an MCN. Supercharged by Warner Bros. Digital Networks, this innovative digital brand empowers talent and fuels fan engagement with cross-platform content that reaches 144M+ viewers a month.

People tend to think of Machinima as a YouTube channel—but it’s much more than that.

Russell Arons General Manager of Machinima
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Fueling Fandom

From brand language, to strategy, to a complete visual identity, Clever provided a full-stack of tools (logo, sales decks, style guides) to position the brand for greatness in the gaming entertainment landscape. The result was an epic rebrand that captured the immense momentum behind this iconic gaming brand.

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Supercharged for Success

Harnessing the insurgent spirit of the brand we collaborated with members of the WB and Machinima teams. Gathering insights from key stakeholders, we immersed ourselves in this quickly evolving vertical. The brand relaunch was applauded by gaming fans and talent alike as a milestone in the dawn of a new era of gaming entertainment.

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We wanted the logo to evoke a sense of motion.

Machinima is a supercharged brand that’s always moving forward. To reflect this, the angles of the logo go up to space and back down to earth like a signature from the future.