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More than a deck of cards, The Maverick’s Muse is a tool designed by Clever Creative to help guide and inspire individuals and teams as they embark on the eye-opening journey that is creative brainstorming.

You can’t use up creativity, the more you use, the more you have.

Maya Angelou American Poet
Case Study Hero

Creative Inspiration for Clever Ideas

Whether you’re in need of a big idea or looking to shake things up at the office, like a compass, these cards are here to help navigate you.

Work Sample
Work Sample

From Our Desk to Yours

We had a wonderful time developing these cards, giving our team the chance to showcase their individual talents and styles through custom illustrations and copy. Consult The Maverick’s Muse and forge your own innovative and artistic path to success.

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Brainstorming • Production Setbacks • Advice • Guidance • Inspiration • Reassurance • Scheming • Masterminding • Naming Your First Born • Relieving Boredom