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Clever breathed life into this 20 year old family of brands, providing a refreshed visual identity, updated packaging and offering strategic re-alignment that has set them up for continued success and accelerated growth.

Clever blends business, retail, trade and consumer thinking like no other, resulting in an organic brand identity that is emotional, unique, relevant and stands out in a sea of sameness.

Michael Parness, Chief Marketing Officer Outward Hound/Petstages
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Wet noses breed big ideas.

With a broad line of pet products, Kyjen needed help focusing their brand strategy and gaining traction with consumers in the pet accessories aisle. Clever defined a single-brand strategy, re-organizing the company’s expansive product lines under the Outward Hound mark.

Work Sample
Work Sample

For Playful Pups

Inspired by the playful nature of Outward Hound’s product design, Clever created a powerful new visual identity that included dynamic upgrades to packaging, collateral and retail merchandising. The brand creative underscored the toyetic play patterns at the heart of their skews.

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The art of the edit is pivotal to the process.

Strategically evaluating the offering of a brand is critical to informing its future identity.