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Plant powered innovation with purpose. With the right intentions and killer products this group of cannabis pioneers needed an identity system as pure and potent as the cannabis oil they lovingly craft.

Clever is a great team to collaborate with, always surprising us with innovativeĀ ideas.

Harold Hawkins, CEO Integral Innovations, LLC
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Honoring The Best In Cannabis

Our work for this family of brands has been guided by a commitment to honor what’s best about cannabis: connecting people and the planet through positive, plant-powered experiences. This ethos is reflected in our positioning, messaging, identity, and packaging solutions.

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Social Good

We created a social media presence for PUREXTRACTS that speaks to more than the purity of their oils, but the good intentions of the people behind them. From the strategic POV to the look & feel we highlighted a shared passion for hands-on innovation and the positive impact it can have in people's lives.

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Like Family

When you work with a brand over several years, overcoming challenges and the ups and downs of business, you forge a connection that goes far beyond a project scope.