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As the new steward of the Galleta Meadows, the Under the Sun Foundation is a nonprofit that supports the famous Sky Art sculptures of Ricardo Breceda and the local community of Borrego Springs. With a new generation of family caretakers, the organization wants to breath new life into these immense works of art.

The Under the Sun Foundation supports a creative space, both physical and figurative, where we encourage people to engage with the arts, our natural environment, and one another.

Halina Avery, Board Member Under The Sun Foundation
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Getting Wild In the High Desert

Celebrating art, community, and our shared environment, Clever developed the logo for the new nonprofit, as well as the vision, mission, strategic language and website. We also crafted the name and logo for Under the Sun’s inaugural programming, Candlewood Arts Festival, and created print ads announcing it to their desert community.

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From Flora to Festival

Embracing the monumental metal sculptures and laidback desert vibes, Clever crafted a complete brand identity that paid homage to both the local plant life and artistic community of Borrego Springs.

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We’re extremely proud to help others connect with the breathtaking beauty of Borrego Springs.

Whether it’s a package good that lives on shelf or the evolution of a global brand, we always start off the creative process listening and searching so we can discover and make meaningful and authentic connections.