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We developed a brand voice and identity, as well as original photo assets and a website that were each as confident, bold, and joyful as the personality behind this female leadership consultancy.

The work I do is subtle, nuanced and totally susceptible to hyperbole, and woo woo if not communicated intelligently and artfully. Clever delivered 110% on all fronts.

Kristan Sargeant, Founder K. Sargeant Consulting
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Fresh Perspectives

If you spend 5 minutes with Kristan you see that she is all about connecting powerful women to powerful ideas to unlock their true potential and tap into joy. We paired bold colors with clean but playful typography, and an iconography system to express the gravitas of what she does in light and breezy terms.

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Capturing Personality

The way Kristan works is intimate and unapologetically human. Our team had a blast executing a photo shooting at her home, where she operates her practice, capturing the essence of the woman behind the brand.

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Full Circle

We have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Kristan for years, so it was a pleasure to support her growing brand and make the connection between her talents and ours.