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An identity and packaging system that balances a bespoke approach to distilling from the bounty of New York State and an ambitious approach to building a line of spirits brands.

Clever Creative handled my brand with care better than any other agency. They developed a relationship with the people behind the brand, and therefore a deeper understanding of the brand’s DNA.

Stephen Theiss, Partner Hudson Valley Distillers
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Hand Drawn Detail

Our solution gives a nod to the handcrafted art of small batch distilling with custom illustrations; heritage ingredients combined with a dash or two of innovation; and a precise attention to detail that distinguishes the flavor profiles and smooth finish of the finest spirits in the Hudson Valley.

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Personal Connection

We also crafted a business card for the owner/operators behind these amazingly smooth spirits, creating a seamless brand experience from bottle to c-suite.

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The Clever Hand

We love when we get the opportunity to apply the distinct Clever illustrative hand to our work. There couldn't be anything more human than the perfectly imperfect quality of a hand drawn line.

Hudson Valley Distillers